Monthly Archives: April 2015

Picking Snap Circuit Parts

Picking a snap circuit part.  This model took about 15 minutes to acquire rgb and IR data using our Baxter. (The slow part is the IR scan.)  We also had to annotate the default grasp point.  It’s automatically picking using the cameras to localize the object and then goes in to grasp.

We also successfully teleoperated Baxter to pick up one of the parts and snap it into place.  It was possible, but took two separate manoeuvres to get both ends to engage.  We had to move the arm very slowly and practice a few times first.   Video is here:

MIT’s Baxter running our pick and place stack!

We worked with Bianca Homberg and Mehmet Dogar from Daniela Rus’s group to install our pick and place stack on their Baxter!  We were all surprised at the differences between our robots, even though they are the “same” robot:  the camera location, calibration parameters, gripper masks all needed to change.  But once we had recalibrated everything, the robot was able to pick up the brush!  Next we will try to get it to work with their soft hand.